Wholesale Economic Brand High Quality Heavy Duty Medical Medical Caster

  • product name: Industrial Wheel Heavy Duty Foma Wheel Caster
  • Style: Swivel
  • Product Origin: Guangdong, China
  • Size: 2" 2.5" 3"
  • Shipping Port: Guangzhou/Shanghai/Ningbo
  • Color: galvanized
  • Load: 1300kg
  • MOQ: 500PCS
  • Materials: PP/ nylon
  • Shipping: Contact supplier to negotiate shipping details
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    product description:

    Bracket material:High-quality steel plate with galvanized surface

    Wheel Material: Nylon material, widely used, strong and wear-resistant, flexible rotation

    Scope of application:Suitable for containers, dining cars, outdoor machinery, heavy machinery and more…

    Caster size specification details:


    Flat plate adjusting wheel 40F nylon 42mm 20mm 71+10mm 55*55mm 42*42mm 6.5mm 50kg 100kg
    60F nylon 50mm 25mm 82+10mm 73*73mm 58*58mm 7mm 250kg 500kg
    80F nylon 63mm 30mm 102+15mm 90*90mm 70*70mm 9mm 500kg 1000kg
    100F nylon 75mm 30mm 120+12mm 95*95mm 70*70mm 11mm 750kg 1500kg
    120F nylon 75mm 33mm 120+12mm 95*95mm 70*70mm 11mm 1000kg 2000kg
    150F nylon 96mm 52mm 132+15mm 100*100mm 70*70mm 13mm 1500kg 3000kg

    If you do not understand the dimensions in the above catalogue of casters or the dimensions are not suitable for your caster size requirements, please contact us for consultation.

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  • 1. How long is the factory delivery time?
    The factory promised to deliver the goods on time according to the negotiation time limit with the buyer.

    2. What is the minimum order quantity for the product?
    The order quantity of casters is 200 pcs, and a small quantity can be purchased as a trial. Please contact the relevant salesman.

    3. Do the factory provide samples of casters?
    The factory provides free samples of casters, and the buyer has to pay the freight.

    4.What are the advantages of our factory and products? 

    (1).The wheel bracket adopts high-quality ordinary cold plate and
    surface plating to ensure the hardness of the product.
    (2). Have a professional inspection team, professional inspection to
    ensure product quality
    (3). The wheel materials are made of high-quality PP, PVC, TPR,
    rubber and so on to ensure the silence and wear resistance of the
    wheel shock absorption
    (4). Casters can be customized first


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