Development of our factory

The development of the factory is inseparable from the formation of the team and the recognition and support of customers and friends. "I feel that I have you and share the development process with you"

Jianbin Hardware Products Factory, Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan City, was founded in 2010 by General Manager Cheng Naikui. The factory was in the early stage of development in the hardware accessories industry at that time, and no sales team was formed. For more than 10 years, it has gone through the arduous process of starting from nothing and growing from small to large, and has achieved a new leap in the new century. It has a workshop area of more than 2,000 square meters in Jixi Qing'an Industrial Zone, Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan City, China, and has established professional Technical R&D talents and production and sales teams are committed to hardware product manufacturing and mid-to-high-end caster manufacturing, becoming a global manufacturer of hardware accessories and hardware casters.

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Over the years, with strong technical strength, high-quality mature products, and perfect service system, it has achieved rapid development. The technical indicators and actual effects of its products have been fully affirmed and praised by customers, and become a mature hardware product manufacturer in the industry. , participated in many exhibitions in China, and achieved good sales performance.

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As a factory direct sales, the core "professional technology, perfect service", the factory organizes the sales team to participate in sales service training and various activities for many times to increase the team's service knowledge.

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The factory has become a global manufacturer of hardware accessories and hardware casters. The products are mainly used in the industrial industry, medical industry, food industry, automobile industry, furniture industry, shopping cart and trolley industry.

1. Industrial industry
In 2013, a large international machinery factory was mainly engaged in machinery and equipment. They required that the load of machinery and equipment must reach 1 ton, with small driving force, high impact strength and wear resistance. We provided heavy-duty PU casters for them to test and try out according to their requirements, and after their rigorous testing, they fully met their usage requirements. Eventually we became a supplier to this factory

2. Medical industry
In 2016, when a domestic medical company developed anesthesia machines and medical beds, the appearance and functional design of our medical casters were approved by them and finally selected. Their products are oriented to the global market, so the requirements for product quality are much higher than those of the national standard.

3. Food industry
In 2017, an international food industry co., LTD. is producing advanced food processing equipment and facilities (all made of 304 stainless steel). It needs to achieve industrialized and standardized aseptic equipment. Our 304 stainless steel rubber casters are matched with their equipment to achieve their request.

4. Automotive industry
In 2020, a well-known domestic automobile manufacturer used our TPR casters to use power to haul material trolleys, which not only reduces huge noise, but also has an effective anti-slip effect on their ground.

5. Furniture industry
Since 2015, a domestic furniture manufacturer, which produces office chairs, tables, beds, etc., has chosen our furniture casters. They have been using our casters for a long time, and their furniture is sold all over the world.

The development history of the factory,In the future, it will be more advanced with the times,Thanks for the support and recognition of customers and friends,Looking forward to more new customer consultation and negotiation cooperation,To achieve a win-win situation!

Post time: Jul-26-2019